Apple Airpods Review And Specs For 2019

Apple Airpods Review And Specs For 2019

Apple Airpods Review, Price Revealed For Latest

Version Of 2019

Whether you think Apple’s AirPod  make you look goofy or not, here’s the bigger question, Are they actually good headphones?

While they fit most people’s ears reasonably well, for a certain percentage of users they fit really well. They drop them in their ears and they stay there. For that latter group, AirPods are fantastic.

apple airpods


  • Strong Bluetooth connection

  • Great battery life

  • W1 chip is the future of wireless headphones


  • Sound quality not much better than average

  • Don’t fit in all ear types

  • Design isn’t for everyone

Key Features

  • W1 chip

  • 5-hour battery life

  • Included battery case provides further five charges on the go

  • Completely wireless

  • Works with iOS, Mac, and Android (with limited functionality)

What I (mostly) liked about the AirPods

There’s a lot to like about the AirPods. Here’s what I found to be good — or great — while wearing them.


W1 chip makes for seamless pairing

Apple’s custom Bluetooth chip, the W1, is designed to allow for automatic pairing with Apple devices running iOS 10 or later, WatchOS 3 or later or MacOS Sierra or later. And it totally delivers: Just place the headphones near your compatible device and they’ll automatically be detected and ask for pairing, no diving into settings menu needed. You can also transition easily between Apple devices, toggling between the sound of your computer to that of your iPhone or iPad.

Flexibility and special features

The AirPods work very well as a stereo or mono headset — if you want, you can use only one bud, left or right. According to Apple, they’re equipped with a pair of “beam-forming microphones to focus on the sound of your voice.” I made several calls and the people I spoke to were generally impressed with the call quality.

apple earpods

Although the music experience with apple airpods is good.

Reliable wireless

The wireless connection between the two earbuds is almost rock solid, with only the occasional hiccup. The AirPods’ latest competitors, including the Bose SoundSport FreeJabra Sport Elite, Bragi The Headphone and Skybuds, offer reliable connectivity, but the AirPods are at the top of the class in this department.

Double-tap enhancements

Unlike the inline remotes — with volume and play/pause controls — that you’re used on traditional wired headphones, the only control on the AirPods initially had was the ability to access Siri with a double tap . You can also use your Apple Watch as a remote, but not everybody has an Apple Watch.

earpods apple review

In our initial review, we cited the limited controls as a downside. However, when Apple released iOS 11, it came with a small but important AirPod enhancement: you can now program the double-tap functionality of each bud separately (you go into the Bluetooth setting on your Apple device and click on the info button to getting to the AirPod settings).

When I double-tap on the right bud, it advances the track no matter what music service I’m using. Double-tapping on the left bud brings up Siri, but I could have have assigned “Previous track,” “Play/Pause,” “Next track” or “Off” to it. It’s worth noting how quickly the track advances when you double tap. There’s virtually no delay.

It’d be nice to have touch volume controls on the buds, but it’s not as important as being able to advance tracks quickly without pulling out your phone.

Good sound quality

The sound has an open, airy quality to it because, well, these are open, non noise-isolating earbuds. That means the buds don’t require a tight seal to get the best sound. You just plop them in your ears and you’re good to go.

The AirPods sound good in a quiet environment.  Bose’s pricier SoundSport Free headphones, which have more of a noise-isolating design. But the AirPods have more bass than I thought they would (though not as much as the BeatsX, which has a cord between its wireless buds).

The AirPods’ sound is similar to that of the wired EarPods, so if you like those you should like the AirPods.

The charging case and battery life

The AirPods slide beautifully into a charging case that’s the size of a container of Glide dental floss. The case and AirPods charge via an included Lightning cable. The case seals shut magnetically. It’s pretty sweet.

The 5-hour battery life of the buds may not be fantastic, but thanks to the charging case. Apple says a 15-minute charge will give you 3 hours of battery life, and that’s close to what I got.


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